10/12/2012 09:46 am ET Updated Oct 15, 2012

Sarah Ferguson Goes From Princess Diana Sidekick To Single Woman (PHOTOS)


Sarah Ferguson doesn't exactly have the most untarnished reputation, to say the least. But even though the Duchess of York has had enough scandals to fill two lifetimes, her style transformations may just trump all of her indiscretions in the shock department. On second thought, maybe the clothes are a close second.

After securing permission from Queen Elizabeth II, Fergie became Her Royal Highness The Duchess of York after marrying Prince Andrew in 1986. During this time, the duchess was often photographed alongside Princess Diana, rocking shoulder pads, hats and floral prints. (Ed. note: The author has a long-standing, fool-proof theory that Fergie was, in fact, a hipster.)

Fergie was arguably less of a style star than the beloved Princess Di and faced constant media scrutiny about her weight, receiving the less-than-flattering moniker the "Duchess of Pork." After having two kids, separating from her husband and allegedly engaging in extra-marital affairs (not to mention, partaking in the infamous toe-sucking incident), Sarah was divorced from Andrew in 1996. She retained her duchess status, but become a sort of royal outcast (she didn't even make the 1,900 person guest list to last year's royal wedding). Power suits and voluminous hair was her go-to look during this period.

Just when it seemed that Sarah had moved past her scandalous past, controversy struck again in 2010 when she was filmed trading access to her former husband for £500,000 to an undercover reporter. Despite the fact that the tabloid queen hasn't been able to stay out of the press in the 2000's, she's stepped into a more streamlined wardrobe, full of evening gowns, neutral colors and simpler silhouettes (most of the time, at least). Here's to another year of Sarah Ferguson's style! Let's make this year a scandal-free one, shall we?

In honor of Fergie's 53rd birthday on October 15, we're taking a look at her style throughout the years. Check out the photos and tell us what you think!

Sarah Ferguson's Style Evolution

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