10/10/2012 03:41 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

Swinging Richard's, Gay Male Strip Club, Wins Battle Against North Miami Beach Allowing Nude Dancing

A North Miami Beach-based gay male strip club has won a battle against the city, allowing its dancers to continue performing in the nude.

South Florida Gay News reports that North Miami Beach's city council has voted unanimously to "grandfather in" nude dancing for Swinging Richard’s, as well as Dean’s Gold and G5, two straight strip clubs.

Among those to praise the outcome was Swinging Richard's owner C.B. Jones. "We were not causing a problem, but giving people a good time," he told SFGN. Still, he added, “It isn’t really a victory when you just win what you should have had in the first place."

In June, Jones slammed the city's decision requiring male dancers to remain at least partially clothed as a double standard. Though a citywide ordinance prohibiting full nudity and alcohol in the same establishment had in place since 1994, North Miami Beach's two female strip clubs in the city had been featuring all-nude performances for some time.

"Female dancers have been allowed to dance nude and serve alcohol for years but as soon as a gay club is introduced the city has wanted to enforce old ordinances," Jones told The Miami Herald at the time.



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