10/10/2012 04:34 am ET Updated Oct 10, 2012

'The New Normal': David And Bryan Get Engaged (VIDEO)

Marriage was the topic of the week on "The New Normal." The episode was mostly centered around Shania's fake wedding to a boy from her class, but planning that wedding brought out David and Bryan's feelings on the issue.

A flashback revealed that David had made a hard political stand to never get married until gay marriage was legalized. Later, though, it came out that he didn't really think all that much of marriage as a valuable institution anyway. This crushed Bryan, who very much wants to get married, as evidenced by how over-the-top he went in planning and throwing a fake wedding for two children.

Shania's wedding fell apart when her fake-husband-to-be turned out to be a player -- he had candy rings on the fingers of multiple ladies. But the ceremony had a profound impact on David. So he called Bryan into the office for an unusual and memorable moment.

With Goldie and an ultrasound throwing an image of their baby on the monitor nearby, David got down on one knee. "I wanted to do it like this, in front of our baby, so that one day he or she could say, ‘I was there,’” he said. "Will you do me the honor of being my husband?"

Of course, Bryan said yes.

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