10/11/2012 06:52 pm ET

Ben Affleck's 'Live By Night' May Follow 'Argo'

Ben Affleck is getting the best reviews of his career for "Argo," the third feature film he's directed since an adaptation of Dennis Lehane's "Gone Baby Gone" in 2007. According to Deadline.com, Affleck may go back to Lehane's prose for his next film, an adaptation of "Live by Night."

Should he direct, "Live by Night" would return Affleck to the Boston streets of his pre-"Argo" efforts "Gone Baby Gone" and "The Town." Unlike those contemporary films, however, Lehane's novel takes place in the 1920s.

Affleck has remained busy at Warner Bros., the studio behind "The Town," "Argo" and now "Live By Night." He was rumored to direct "Justice League" for WB earlier this year, but shot down those reports back in August.

"I'm not working on the 'Justice League,'" Affleck told the Canadian outlet 24 Hours. "One of the problems with entertainment web sites is that they need to fill pages, and that's how rumors get started. 'Justice League' sounds really exciting, but it's not something I'm working on."

One project he is working on is a biopic of infamous Boston mob boss Whitey Bulger, a film that he would direct with Matt Damon set to star. Unfortunately, that film isn't close to going in front of the camera.

"My guess is honestly, [it'll be] the movie after next," Affleck told The Playlist about the mob movie. "I'll probably find something that's in better shape to do next until we got that one ready, and then we'll go ahead and fire that one up. [...] We're in the process writing it, the script is not ready yet, it needs a lot more work."

Terrence Winter ("Boardwalk Empire") is working on the Whitey Bulger script.

For more on "Live by Night," including what other A-lister might be involved, head over to Deadline.com.

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