10/11/2012 10:07 am ET

Little Boy Cries Inconsolably When Told Of Hugo Chavez Election Win (VIDEO)

Sunday’s presidential election in Venezuela wasn’t just upsetting for opposition candidate Henrique Capriles.

A home video uploaded to Colombian broadcaster City TV’s website shows a little boy named Esteban fall into a crying fit when a man, possibly his uncle, informs him that Hugo Chávez won the election.

“Chávez won,” the man says, after calling Esteban over. The child frowns and contradicts the man: “Capriles won.”

The man continues to try to convince Esteban that Chávez won, as the child’s protests degenerate into whining. Esteban finally loses it when a woman, possibly his mother, confirms the news to him. “Chávez won, sweetheart,” she says.

“WAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!” Esteban replies, as he falls to tears and wanders off into the corner.

The man fails in his attempts to comfort him. “Don’t cry, papi,” the man says. “What can we do, Esteban? We can’t do anything.”

Esteban likely wasn’t the only one shedding tears after Chávez’s third reelection. Venezuela’s opposition had high hopes for Capriles, who mounted a strong challenge to the ailing Chávez, who has governed since 1999. But Chávez trounced his challenger on Sunday, taking 54 percent of the vote to Capriles’ 45 percent.



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