10/11/2012 02:21 pm ET

'Easter Sucker Punch:' Montreal Hero Punches TV-Wielding Man Who Harassed Family (VIDEO)

Normally we wouldn't condone vigilantism, but it's probably safe to say that this guy had it coming.

It doesn't take a particularly resourceful person to avail himself of a television set and exercise his freedom of expression on a sidewalk. But it does take an especially threatening variety of public nuisance to then harass a family with a small child for no apparent reason.

According to the description of the video, which was pulled from YouTube but preserved by Reddit user "alreddyReddit," this incident happened on Easter in the Montreal neighborhood of Hochelaga, in a plaza "crowded with elderly people, families [and] kids" celebrating the holiday.

The description claims that police in the vicinity drove by and did nothing, but when the agitated man approached the family in the video, a good samaritan ran across the street and sucker punched him. Hence, the video's title.

"The subtle touch of knuckles and concrete calmed the Easter brawler," the description states. The crowd can be heard clapping and saying, "bravo" following the altercating, after which the sucker-punching samaritan exits. The police reportedly showed up "about 10 minutes later."

Many Americans may think of Montreal as an idyllic French-Canadian city, but, like most cities, it also has a strange and rather gruesome side. In July, a student's severed head was found in Angrignon Park after various body parts were mailed to political party offices and schools.

Other sucker punch videos have gone viral recently. Earlier this month, a Missouri teen was arrested after police released surveillance video in which a young man knocked out a middle-aged bus driver.

(via Reddit)



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