10/11/2012 01:43 pm ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

Portsmouth Police Investigate Abandoned Colorado Car With Link To Reported Jessica Ridgeway Sighting

Police in Portsmouth, New Hampshire are investigating an abandoned car with Colorado license plates that may be linked to missing 10-year-old Jessica Ridgeway.

Last Sunday on Oct. 7th, Police Sergeant Alan Grinnell in Dexter, Maine said that a woman had called to report seeing a girl who looked like Jessica Ridgeway in a light blue Buick station wagon with Colorado plates. The police said they had also received other calls reporting sightings of the missing Westminster girl in Harmony, Maine, in a similar vehicle.

“This vehicle has a loose association with the Colorado situation,” Portsmouth detective Sgt. Dave Keaveny told Sea Coast Online. “We're doing our due diligence to follow up on it.”

Police say the car was reportedly found behind a Wal-Mart Thursday morning.

Westminster police spokesman Trevor Materasso said that in addition to Maine, tips have come from Maryland, Nevada, Texas, Wyoming and others.

Jessica has been missing since Friday, Oct. 5th when she left her house around 8:30 a.m. on her walk to school.

On Wednesday evening, a body was reported found in Arvada during the continued search for Jessica but police aren't identifying it yet.

Westminster Police say they are still canvassing neighborhoods and conducting open field searches as of Thursday morning.



The Search For Jessica Ridgeway