10/11/2012 08:28 am ET

Rajon Rondo Explains Why He Thinks He's The Best Point Guard In The NBA

By Chris Yuscavage, Complex Sports

When he wasn't interning at GQ or throwing shots at Ray Allen this summer, Rajon Rondo was working hard on his game and telling everyone about how he thinks he's going to be the best point guard in the NBA this season. "Better than Chris Paul?" we all thought. "Better than Deron Williams?" we all thought. "Better than Russell Westbrook?" we all thought. ("Better than Mario Chalmers?" no one except Mario thought.) And, now that the 2012-13 NBA season is almost here, Double-R is going even harder with his "I'm the best PG in the league" campaign. So, recently, he took to the pages of the Boston Common magazine to explain exactly why he believes he's the best point guard in all the land right now.

"It's always the whole package," he said. "Some fans look at a point guard and say he had 26 points, seven assists, and eight rebounds, and they'll say he had a great game. But, there is a lot of talent in the NBA, and eventually that talent catches up with you. The mental game is where it's at. I would say the game is 80 percent mental and 20 percent physical, for me at least. What separates great players from good ones is performing consistently. I can dominate the game in any number of ways, not just with the numbers…My definition of what a good point guard is might be different from what some others might think. I'll give you an example: If Doc Rivers gets thrown out, I can run the team for the rest of the game. I know what plays to call, what sets to call, or when to call time outs. It's more than keeping track of the score…In that category, I think I am the best at what I do."

To be honest, it's hard to argue with that well thought out explanation. But, still: Better than CP3, D-Will, and Westbrook? Guess we'll see what happens when the Celtics take the court this season.

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