10/11/2012 06:43 pm ET Updated Oct 12, 2012

Shuttle Endeavour Street Closures & Where To See The Shuttle As It Travels Across LA Saturday (VIDEO)

Parts of LA will be almost unrecognizable this week, as power lines, traffic signals, street lights and even trees come down.

It's the city's way of spreading the red carpet for Space Shuttle Endeavour, which, at five stories high and 78 feet wide, won't fit on the streets of LA any other way.

The shuttle will depart from LAX on Friday at about 2 a.m. and arrive at the California Science Center at about 9 p.m. the next day, Saturday. And of course the journey will mean road closures--specifically, on parts of Northside Parkway, Westchester Parkway, La Tijera Boulevard, Sepulveda Eastway, Manchester Avenue, Crenshaw Boulevard, Martin Luther King Boulevard, Bill Robertson Lane and Lincoln Boulevard. For times and blocks scheduled for closure, click here.

But if seeing the shuttle--not avoiding it--is your goal, here are the good spots to do so on Saturday, per the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD)'s recommendation:

8-10 a.m.: The City of Inglewood will have an event, and Endeavour will be on display for half an hour, in front of the Forum. There is ample free parking at the Hollywood Park Race Track. There is no over-night staying, and parking lots open at 4 a.m. For more info:

2 p.m.: Endeavour will stop for about a half an hour for a planned event at the intersection of Crenshaw Blvd. and Martin Luther King, Jr. (MLK) Blvd. There is a dedicated area for the public to stand and view the stage, north on Crenshaw Blvd. from MLK. Space is limited so go early.

8:30 p.m.: Four parking lots between Bill Robertson Lane and Vermont Ave., north of MLK will provide ample opportunity to view Endeavour as it moves towards the California Science Center’s Samuel Oschin Pavilion. Mass transit is recommended and available via the Expo Rail and bus line running along Exposition Blvd.

Or, you could go to Randy's Donuts, which is creating shuttle donuts to honor the shuttle's passing by the 35-year-old donut shop on its road trip, CBS reports.

Controversially, nearly 400 trees are being cut down to stumps for the shuttle, which will be on display at the Science Center starting Oct. 30.

Endeavour has completed 25 missions, spent 299 days in orbit, and orbited Earth 4,671 times while traveling 122,883,151 miles.



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