10/12/2012 07:05 am ET

'Beauty And The Beast' Premiere: This Handsome Beast Is The Result Of Military Experiments (VIDEO)

Perhaps all that bad press from critics got people interested in The CW's "Beauty and the Beast." Viewers got it trending on Twitter, though that's not necessarily an indication that they liked it. The remake of the classic '80s series starring Linda Hamilton and Ron Perlman features a beast who's more like a Jekyll and Hyde than the cat-like monster Perlman played.

In fact, the entire premise was changed up. In this world, Catherine is a detective, played by Kristin Kreuk, while Jay Ryan takes on the role of Vincent. Rather than wearing heavy prosthetics and makeup, this Vincent has a scar on one side of his face. He does, however, "beast" out as a result of military experiments.

After Vincent saved Catherine, the two found themselves crossing paths again, and immediately became drawn to one another. Or, as Catherine said at the end, maybe they're going to save one another. Perhaps that was one of the lines that led E! Online to call "Beauty and the Beast" unintentionally hilarious.

The critics seem to agree that it's terrible, with HuffPost calling it one of the worst new shows of the season. kept it even simpler, titling their review with one word: "Nope."

Will you keep tuning in to "Beauty and the Beast," Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on The CW?

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