10/12/2012 08:53 am ET

Ndamukong Suh Accused Of Hit And Run: Man Alleges Lions Star Sideswiped Him, Drove Off

By Brad Briggs, National Football Post

Ndamukong Suh has had his problems on the road.

He crashed a muscle car during December in Portland, Ore., and is now being sued for more than $1 million by a woman who claims she was injured in the accident. In March, he was cited for cruising 91 mph in a 55 mph zone in Portland.

And now, Suh has been accused of sideswiping a man as he drove to the Detroit Lions’ practice facility Thursday morning in Allen Park, Mich. Suh is also accused of leaving the scene of an accident and berating the man whose car he hit. Dearborn Police are investigating the matter.

My Fox Detroit has the complete story, including an interview with Steve Vines, who says Suh, in a black Range Rover, sideswiped the Ford Escort he was driving as they merged onto a ramp.

“I look over at him and he started yelling at me, 'Trying to cut me off. Get out of the way.' And I just said, 'Really?'” Vines told Fox. "He just started yelling about getting the hell out of his way and cutting him off."

Vines called 911 and watched as the driver of the vehicle went into the Lions facility. At that point, Suh laid into Vines some more.

“That's when he said, 'I advise you to leave, now,’” Vines told Fox. “And I said, 'I'm not going anywhere. I talked to the police.' (He said), 'I don't care what they said. You need to get out of here.' And then he said, 'I'm advising you to leave, now.'"

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