10/12/2012 11:38 am ET Updated Nov 01, 2012

Neiman Marcus Fantasy Gifts: 5 Techie Items For The Big Spender

Have a few million to blow on holiday gifts? Luxury department store Neiman Marcus has you covered.

The company recently released its annual Christmas Book. The holiday catalog comes complete with an expensive "fantasy gift" section, which includes items starting at $30,000.

Purchasing one of these bizarre and somewhat impractical gifts will benefit a good cause: A portion of the proceeds from each item are donated to well-respected charities, such as Big Brothers Big Sisters and the Foundation for AIDS Research. So maybe that $100K hen house is totally worth the price tag. Maybe.

An important caveat potential buyers should note: Delivery is not included. (We're shuddering at the thought of shipping costs for a gigantic, Versailles-inspired hen house.)

Below we've gathered some of the techie lux items from the gift guide. Flip through the slideshow and let us know if any of these items would make your own fantasy list (or if they're too decadent for you). Click (here) to see the full line of Neiman Marcus fantasy gifts. Then check out some of most outlandish items you can purchase on The Fancy, or see what happens when you "live rich" and love Instagram (#RCOI!)

5 Pricey Tech "Fantasy Gifts"