10/12/2012 04:20 am ET Updated Oct 12, 2012

'The X Factor': Is Vino Alan Too Tough For The Show? (VIDEO)

"The X Factor" wrapped the Judges' Houses round by showing the performances from the Teens category and the Over-25s. L.A. Reid made it very clear that he wasn't happy to have the Over-25s, and went so far as to tell them that he wasn't all that excited about them. So the pressure was on for this group more than ever, especially because many of them feel this is their last opportunity at superstardom.

Vino Alan, at 40-years-old, is the oldest contestant in the competition. He blew the judges away with his vocal performance, covering P!nk's "Sober," but the judges were slightly worried about his appearance. Vino is one tough looking dude, but his gruff exterior hides a sensitive and soaring voice.

That emotion he brings to his performance comes in part from his troubled childhood. He opened up about coming from an abusive home. "When I was a kid, my mom married an abusive man," he said. "You know, I was physically tortured and mentally tortured. But the biggest torture of all was having her beat nightly."

Critics were blown away by Vino's voice, with PopCrush saying he "totally owned" the song. But TV Fanatic was worried voters might be turned off by his tough exterior.

After two nights of great performances, 24 must become 16. Find out which contestants move on to the live shows on "The X Factor," Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET on Fox.

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