10/14/2012 12:59 am ET Updated Oct 14, 2012

SNL's VP Debate: Joe Biden, Paul Ryan Spar

Saturday Night Live used its opening sketch to lampoon Thursday's vice-presidential debate between Joe Biden and Paul Ryan.

After a reminder from debate moderator Martha Raddatz (played by Kate McKinnon) that "your performance is extremely unlikely to affect the outcome of the election, so just have fun with it," Joe Biden (Jason Sudeikis) and Paul Ryan (Taran Killam) took the stage. Sudeikis played up the image of the Vice President as aggressive and condescending, exclaiming a weary "Here we go!" as soon as Killam began speaking, and trumpeting his masculine bona fides: "When the Amtrak breaks down on my morning commute, I strip down to my tighty-whities--I push that bitch all the way to Washington."

McKinnon played Raddatz as a no-nonsense referee, asking at one point, "Do I sound like Jim Lehrer? Do I look like Jim Lehrer? Then don't try to (bleep) me like I'm Jim Lehrer."

Killam's Ryan drank copious amounts of water (as the Congressman did on Thursday), and poked fun at the candidate's image as a truth-stretcher. When asked if he could explain how a Romney/Ryan administration would close economic loopholes, Killam simply replied, "No." And after Killam claimed that he had won the 100-metre dash at the London Olympics (a reference to Ryan's famously embellished marathon time), Olympic legend Usain Bolt made a cameo to set him straight.



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