10/14/2012 01:01 pm ET

SNL Takes On iPhone 5 'Problems' In Skit Pitting Tech Bloggers Against Chinese Factory Workers (VIDEO)

"Saturday Night Live" has offered its own satirical take on users' complaints about the iPhone 5.

The show's recent "Tech Talk" skit assembles a mock talk show where vocal tech bloggers air their grievances about the device before being shamed by a panel of Chinese factory workers who built the device.

The skit's bloggers include fictional names from popular sites CNET, Gizmodo and Wired. Each sounds off on a perceived issue with the new iPhone. CNET's "Josh Savage" begins the discussion by slamming the iPhone's controversial Maps app, which has been a legitimate headache for users who were frustrated with the app's glitches. CNET says the character is a "nod to our own intrepid Apple reporter, Josh Lowensohn."

Next, "Adrienne Trerzoli" from Wired tackles the "purple haze" that appears in some users' photos. Apple recently acknowledged this occurance, writing that it's something that happens to many cameras (not just the iPhone 5) when the user shoots photos in direct, bright lighting.

The sketch's Gizmodo character, a "Dennis Metcalf," simply holds up an iPhone 5 and says, "It's just too thin and too light. [...] I feel like I'm holding three pieces of paper stapled together, not a smartphone." Real-life Gizmodo blogger Eric Limer, who was pretty stoked that the blog was featured on "SNL," wrote that the "too-thin" complaint level by the fictional Metcalf "may or may not be an opinion that I actually sort of have."

Once the skit's tech bloggers have aired their grievances, a panel of Chinese factory workers appear on stage to offer their own counterpoints. The bloggers squirm uncomfortably as the surprise guests, wearing white uniforms that real Foxconn workers are often photographed in, tear apart their quibbles about the iPhone.

One of our favorite takedowns of the Apple Maps complaint, delivered by Nasim Pedrad (in a terrible Chinese accent): "I guess we're just lucky we don't need map, because we sleep where we work. But thank you for pointing out problem."

Check out the entire sketch (above), then take a look at the gallery (below) to see some of users' biggest complaints about the iPhone 5 so far.

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