10/15/2012 01:09 pm ET Updated Oct 15, 2012

Adytia Ramotar Apparently Kills Ex- Wife Sharon Forbes In Murder-Suicide While Their Children Slept

A 37-year-old father orphaned his two children by killing their mother and then himself in Tennessee over the weekend, police said.

The 6- and 8-year-old children of Adytia Ramotar and Sharon Forbes woke early on Saturday to discover their parents' dead bodies inside the home in Smyrna, the Tennessean reported.

Ramotar and Forbes were divorced, but reportedly attempting to reconcile before the killing.

Police were called after the 8-year-old boy brought a gun to a neighbor's house and said his parents were dead. according to the Daily News Journal.

The children's 2-year-old cousin was also in the house southeast of Nashville, WSMV TV reported. The toddler's mother is Forbes' sister. She also lived in the house, but was not home overnight when the shooting is believed to have occurred.

Smyrna Police Chief Kevin Arnold said he doesn't believe the children saw Ramotar pull the trigger.

The couple is from Guyana and had moved to the home a few months ago, neighbors reportedly said.

Relatives will take care of the kids, Arnold said.



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