10/15/2012 09:45 am ET Updated Nov 20, 2012

Big Dance Theater's 'Ich, Kürbisgeist' To Open At The Chocolate Factory In NYC (PHOTOS)

All the elements that make "Ich, Kürbisgeist" a truly absurd and wonderful piece of mystical theatrical art are here: mixed up languages, '70s nostalgia, medieval costumes and pumpkin harvests. "Ich bin der Kürbisgeist" means "I am the pumpkin ghost" in German, so get ready for a comical adventure just in time for Halloween.

The unusual play is set to grace the stage of The Chocolate Factory in New York, and is located in a tiny basement room fit for an audience of 30 people, tops. Just five characters are involved, all of whom speak a semi-recognizable language of English, Swedish and German. The quintet lives in a comically isolated community on the verge of destruction, brought together by their shared fear of the external world and an affinity for pumpkin seeds. (According to the press release, the set designer planted and harvested 70 pumpkins for the play's opening night, so a gourd love fest is a must.)

The entire performance is acted out through gibberish dialogue, dance, text and on-stage art installations -- an amalgam made possible by Big Dance Theater and playwright Sibyl Kempson.

Unconventional theater patrons and lovers of all things Halloween -- this production is for you. Check out the images of the work in the slideshow below and let us know what you think of "Ich, Kürbisgeist" in the comments section.

'Ich, Kürbisgeist'

"Ich, Kürbisgeist" opens on October 25th at the Chocolate Factory in New York and runs until November 10, 2012.