10/15/2012 07:11 pm ET Updated Oct 16, 2012

Fresh Off The Boat Bay Area: Celebrity Chef Gets Authentic in Oakland (VIDEO)

New York celebrity chef Eddie Haung kicked off his new food and travel series Fresh Off the Boat (think The Layover, but gangster) with a pilot episode set in the Bay Area. And judging by part one, released on Monday, the show is authentic. Really authentic.

In part one, Huang goes to Oakland to join East Bay Rats Motorcycle Club President Trevor Latham on a hunting trip at his Livermore ranch, which is inexplicably filled with hipsters.

"So this is not just a hobby, it's kind of a lifestyle for you?" asked Huang. "Instead of going to market, you buy shells, you drive, you come out here and [hunt]?"

"People who eat meat and aren't willing to kill an animal are f*cking p*ssies," explained Latham. "F*ck them."

When Huang and Latham are unable to find a rabbit in the wild, Latham improvises and slaughters one of his own pet rabbits. The details are not spared--a creative choice that Huang found essential.

"We're so cut off from the process of slaughter," said Huang. "This enables these companies and even my restaurant to sell you more animal protein than you'd actually eat if you were reminded and were conscious of what had to go down."

Check out part one of the pilot episode of Fresh Off the Boat in our clip below. Then watch the rest of the episode when it's released on Vice.

(CAUTION: Video contains extremely graphic live-animal slaughter that may be sensitive for some viewers.)