10/16/2012 11:50 am ET

Giants, 49ers Fans Fight In Parking Lot Of Candlestick Park (VIDEO)

Candlestick Park was once again the backdrop for ugly acts of fan violence on Sunday as San Francisco got trounced by New York 26-3.

According to the New York Post, a brawl erupted between football fans after the game ended in San Francisco on Sunday. As evidenced by the YouTube video above, both men and women fought violently against coach buses in a parking lot as onlookers yelled and struggled to break up the melee.

While details about the fight are unclear, footage of fan violence seems to be all too familiar over recent years, even as the NFL continues to crack down on spectator conduct.

The home of the 49ers has unfortunately been the setting for several incidents involving fan fighting both inside and outside the stadium.

Before Sunday's game, a man was wounded after being stabbed near Candlestick Park while going to watch the home game.

Over on the East Coast, another altercation was filmed at Metlife Stadium during a Jets game.