10/15/2012 06:01 am ET Updated Oct 15, 2012

'Married To Jonas': Trip To Italy Reveals Dani Is Having Panic Attacks Again (VIDEO)

As promised, Kevin Jonas took Dani and the entire Deleasa family to Italy -- even Mom boarded that plane and took the trip, despite her trepidations. But while they were there, Kevin and Dani faced a setback in their plans to have a baby on "Married to Jonas."

Dani has been struggling with anxiety and panic attacks for some time, but had been making great progress. She'd even managed to come off of her anti-anxiety medications. But after her recent car accident, she'd started suffering from panic attacks again.

She'd been adamant that she wanted to be off of those medications before she and Kevin started a family. After admitting to Kevin that her panic attacks had returned, though, the couple made the decision that her health came first and foremost. Having a family can always wait a little longer.

Dani took it pretty hard, saying she felt as if she'd failed both herself and Kevin. "I’m willing to wait, but it still hurts," she said of their decision.

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