10/16/2012 06:14 am ET Updated Oct 16, 2012

Angela Lansbury Style Evolution: From A Bedazzled Starlet To A Classic Gentlewoman (PHOTOS)

Angela Lansbury has been in the singing and acting biz for more than seven decades, won five Tonys, six Golden Globes, and has been nominated for an Emmy more times than we can count. We're out of breath from just reading her laundry list of accomplishments but Angela is still going (she was on Broadway this year at age 86!).

She's best known for her twelve-year stint as Jessica Fletcher in "Murder, She Wrote" or as the younger set might remember her: the voice of Mrs. Potts and that iconic "Beauty and the Beast" theme (a.k.a. that song that can still bring you to tears). Oh yeah, and she's done all this while still managing to look smashing.

Her main staple, those impeccable curled updos (which apparently stay perfectly in place even while aerobicizing) would make her fellow Brit, the Queen, jealous. Angela did have a weakness for shoulder pads and rhinestones in the '80s (and who didn't), but by the time she left her residence at Cabot Cove, tweed, gold brooches, and sensible slacks had become her regalia. And boy can she work a scarf -- it must be the drama major in her.

Her classic personal style and confidence still shines today. Just this September she graced the cover of English fashion magazine "The Gentlewoman" donning photographer Terry Richardson's famous black specs. And dare we say she outshone past covergirls Adele and Christy Turlington.

As Angela celebrates her 87th birthday on Tuesday (October 16th), we're taking a look back at her style over the years. Vote on all her looks in the slideshow below.

Angela Lansbury Style Evolution

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