10/16/2012 06:31 pm ET

The Average Twitter User Is A 28-Year-Old Woman Who Wears Purple (VIDEO)

Who do you imagine of when you picture the average Twitter user? A bearded young man in a plaid shirt? A simpering tweenaged Justin Bieber fan, perhaps? Well, according to a new study, the typical Twitter user is actually a young woman dressed in purple.

Social media monitoring firm Beevolve, which recently examined 36 million Twitter profiles in "An Exhaustive Study of Twitter Users Across the World," has released the results of its research, which paints a portrait of a run-of-the-mill microblogger: a 28-year-old female who owns a iPhone, has 208 Twitter followers, tweets about fashion and family, prefers the color purple and loves, loves, loves using the word "love" in her social media posts.

According to the Wall Street Journal's MarketWatch, the study's pretty accurate. For example, MarketWatch talked to Casey Stickles, a 27-year old New York-based publicist who mostly fits the Beevolve profile.

Writes MarketWatch:

[Stickles] has 158 followers, an iPhone, and uses Twitter to showcase her Instagram fashion photography and re-tweet news stories she likes. “But I’m not one to tweet about fashion or my love life,” she says. “I’m a socially skilled fat kid at heart."

Social media maven Jennifer Brown also admitted to MarketWatch that the study more or less had her pegged, too. “This is totally freaky," Brown said, "my go-to color is purple."

Check out the video (above) to see more analysis of the Beevolve study by Brown (who's even wearing a purple sweater!). She's joined by MarketWatch Reporter Quentin Fottrell, who tells us why there are fewer trolls on Twitter, and Wall Street Journal Columnist Simon Constable, who admits that he tweets “complete nonsense.”

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