10/16/2012 06:19 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Benjamin Millepied's Io Echo Video: Black Swan Choreographer Directs 'Eye Father' (VIDEO)

We have often wondered: what kind of man can steal the heart of America's favorite Harvard grad-turned-Chanel model? After watching the new music video from Black Swan director and Mr. Natalie Portman, Benjamin Millepied, we can say: a man with impeccably cool taste.

Millepied's new music video creates dark and dreamy visuals for Leopold Ross and Ioanna Gika aka Io Echo, a pop duo that mixes all things edgy, ethereal and involving giant geisha fans. The imagery for "Eye Father" channels a Far East aesthetic with remixed Kabuki, occurring in abandoned urban landscapes and grocery stores.

Read an interview with Io Echo on NOWness, stream their new album here and watch their dazzling new vids below:

Io Echo: Eye Father on

Io Echo: Stalemate on