10/16/2012 10:25 pm ET Updated Oct 18, 2012

Erin DiMeglio, First Female Quarterback In Florida, Crowned Homecoming Queen (VIDEO)

Just months after Erin DiMeglio became the first female varsity football quarterback in Florida, the high school senior added another milestone to her list of accomplishments: being crowned homecoming queen.

During halftime of her team's big game, DiMeglio was crowned queen, swapping her helmet for a shiny new tiara -- but only until the second half of the game started up again. The star athlete looked on as the South Plantation High School team slammed the competition with an 18-0 victory that night, according to CBS Miami.

Watch the video above and head over to CBS Miami to read the full story.

DiMeglio's homecoming king was also her partner on the field, wide receiver Hordly Seide.

“We’re all a big family, so it’s really cool,” DiMeglio told CBS.

After becoming the state's first female quarterback, DiMeglio also made football history in September when she completed her first pass in a regular season game, causing a two-yard loss. But despite the school-wide and national recognition for her athletic achievements, DiMeglio hasn't let the attention get to her head.

"I just do my own thing," DiMeglio told the Associated Press in August, after her first game as quarterback. "It's a lot of attention, but I just kind of don't worry about that much."

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CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story stated that DiMeglio played in the 18-0 game, when in fact she did not. The article has been updated.