Honey Boo Boo Takes LA (VIDEO)

TLC reality star Alana Thompson, better known to you all as Honey Boo Boo (Child!), has landed in Los Angeles -- and Angelenos are turning their noses up at the seven-year-old beauty queen and her handler/parent Mama June Shannon.

Thompson started Monday off by singing the Katy Perry song "California Gurls" on the KTLA morning news show (video above). The only problem? She and Shannon were sitting down for a nice little chat with reporters Sam Rubin and Jessica Holmes. Granted, Shannon had prompted Thompson to sing her favorite song, but when Thompson wouldn't stop, Shannon tried to correct the situation by cupping a hand over her little month -- to no effect.

Watching Thompson continue to sing over their conversation, and then proceed to start bouncing up and down on her chair with a glassy-eyed look on her face was a little disconcerting. But what was even more troubling is that Thompson wasn't the only person put in her place during that interview. When Rubin incorrectly plugged the show's airtime during Wednesdays at 10 p.m., Shannon gently corrected him, reminding viewers that "Honey Boo Boo" was on hiatus.

Rubin's response? Surprise that native english speaker Shannon knows the meaning of a word. "Isn't it funny how you even know the word 'hiatus'? Isn't that funny to you?"

Then TMZ cameras caught Thompson taking a dip in the pool at the Roosevelt Hotel, where the family is staying while they're in LA.

"They've never seen anything like the Roosevelt pool," says one TMZ correspondent. "I mean, that cool music's playing. Cool bar, cool people," as if a pool and booze and bikinis were a precious resource exclusive to Hollywood. The caption underneath the video on the site also asks, "are they getting a little TOO accustomed to the finer things in life?"


But like any small child on a big trip, Thompson looked like she was feeling a bit worn down by the end of the day. In this video from the Grove, which shows her dutifully shuffling through a big crowd of admirers and photographers, one gets a glimpse of her world-weary face and wonders where this is all leading -- or whether she needs a nap.


She didn't have much time to rest, though; Thompson ended her day with an appearance at the Jimmy Kimmel Show to announce her presidential pick and continue being our generation's extremely mockable Shirley Temple.

Is anyone else uncomfortable about this yet?



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