10/16/2012 08:14 am ET

'Intervention': Alcoholic 'Obsessed With Death' Staples His Own Chin, Is Expecting A Child (VIDEO)

Ryan was an alcoholic, drinking upward of 18 beers a day, every day. His story unfolded on "Intervention," including a bizarre stapling incident. Ryan had been hospitalized several times while drunk, and apparently got up to all kinds of crazy things.

On camera, he was seen using a stapler to jam staples into his chin. He estimated he had about ten years left to live, and admitted he was "obsessed with death."

His family worried for his health, with his sister saying she'd seen him vomit for so long and so continuously that he started vomiting blood. They also worried that he might commit suicide. His fiancee is pregnant, and they're hoping he can see that as a reason to live and get better.

The intervention succeeded in convincing Ryan to try treatment, and his stands as a success story. He's been sober since April 2012, and even made it home in time for the birth of his daughter, Ellie. He is now planning his wedding.

"Intervention" tells true stories of struggling addicts every Monday at 10 pm. ET on A&E

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