10/16/2012 06:54 am ET

'Major Crimes' Finale: Raydor And The Entire Team Help Rusty Determine His Own Fate (VIDEO)

"Major Crimes" wrapped its first season, free from the shadows of "The Closer." Captain Raydor has risen to command the team in her own signature style, and Rusty has become a part of the extended family. He first appeared as a material witness in the series finale of "The Closer," and he ended this first season of "Major Crimes" as an orphan.

As he said, it may have felt a little odd to be happy to be an orphan, but the alternative was far less rosy. Despite physically abusing Rusty during their last encounter, Rusty's father tried to make things right and sit down to talk with his son. But when he arrived, he found something else awaiting him.

The entire team was there with the documentation drafted for him to give up all of his parental rights. He feared that this would ruin his life at home with his new wife and her two daughters, but Raydor and the team -- and Rusty himself -- just didn't care. What he'd done was inexcusable, and wasn't going to be tolerated.

In the end, they struck their final deal of the season and Rusty became a ward of the state. It was a quiet and joyous moment for the entire team, as they take a break and gear up for Season 2 of "Major Crimes" on TNT.

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