10/16/2012 04:53 pm ET Updated Oct 16, 2012

Miami's Sun Life Stadium One Of Two Finalists For Super Bowl L In 2016, Report Says

A few years after informing Miami Sun Life Stadium was too shabby to host another Super Bowl, our steaming orange donut apparently didn't look so bad anymore to NFL execs buried in snow and complaints in Dallas in 2011.

And apparently they've now totally forgotten that silly retractable roof ultimatum: USA Today's Jarret Bell reports that Miami and New Orleans are the league's recommendations to host 2016's landmark Super Bowl L.

In other words, we're finalists again, and take that Roger Goodell. (Was he not entertained?!?!?!) The NFL has apparently come to appreciate just how good Miami is at hosting stuff -- after all, we're all sitting in traffic, having wardrobe malfunctions, and hosting thousands of tourists anyway, so absorbing a Super Bowl is really no big deal. And Kim Kardashian's already in place!

Bell writes that Miami is a frontrunner for the 50th Super Bowl thanks in large part to its important place in the game's history, having hosted a whopping 10 SBs in either the Orange Bowl or the former Dolphins Stadium:

Picking between two cities rich in Super Bowl lore would be consistent with statements in recent months by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell that the game would reflect the history of an event that was first staged in 1967. Including this season's finale, New Orleans (which will host Super Bowl XLVII) and Miami (and greater South Florida) will have combined to host 20 Super Bowls.

Owners are expected to vote on narrowing the field to Miami and New Orleans on Tuesday, with a winner announced next year. Not that the Magic City needs help tipping things in its favor, but we will say this: you can't get chupacabra on a stick this good at any other tailgate.



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