10/16/2012 05:20 pm ET

Ray Huffman, Nebraska Policeman, Shoots Ayala Family Dog On Camera (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

A dog owner in Nebraska claims that a police officer "murdered [his] dog in cold blood."

A graphic YouTube video shows officer Ray Huffman shooting a Rottweiler in footage allegedly recorded at Raul Ayala's home in Lyman on Sept. 22.

The video description claims that Huffman shot the dog named Bos at point-blank range five times.

Graphic Video Follows

Huffman then drags Bos's carcass away and hoses down the area next to the kennel where the dog's blood was spilled.

According to the Star Herald, the Ayala family was out shopping that afternoon when Bos got out of his kennel, and wandered into a neighbor's yard where he menaced another dog.

Huffman, an officer with the Lyman Police Department, was on a routine patrol of the neighborhood when he encountered the unleashed dog. In his incident report, Huffman claimed that the dog lunged at him aggressively several times, forcing him to put the animal down.

A spokesman for the town told the Star Herald that an ordinance prohibits dogs from running loose, and allows officers to take action against an aggressive dog.

Police and the representatives of the Village of Lyman released statements supporting Huffman's actions, writing that witnesses saw the dog acting aggressively.

Ayala has contended that assertion, telling the Star Herald that no witnesses were present on his video, and that Huffman acted "unprofessionally."

"If he was afraid of the dog or something, he should have gotten someone who could handle the dog," Ayala told the newspaper.

Ayala has set up a memorial Facebook page entitled "Justice For Bos Ayala" to spread awareness of the incident and has considered taking legal action against the police force.

Earlier this month, a Florida couple sued the city of St. Petersburg for compensation for the death of their golden retriever, Boomer, who was fatally shot by a policeman in 2011.

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WARNING: Graphic Video


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