10/16/2012 01:02 pm ET

'The Good Wife': Sex Scenes Explained By Creators Robert And Michelle King

During last week’s episode of "The Good Wife," Kalinda's dangerous estranged husband, with whom she only semi-reluctantly enjoys rough sex, brought her to an ice-cream parlor where he took his fingers on a trip down memory lane and up her skirt. When his moves were rebuffed, he plunged those same fingers in her ice cream, and Kalinda, unfazed, continued to lap up her frozen treat. And in last night's episode, we saw FBI agent Lana postcoitally popping her head up from way down beneath Kalinda’s sheets. It's racy stuff by most broadcast television standards, if not the show's own, because "The Good Wife" has carved a niche for itself as network TV's most sophisticated adult drama, unafraid and unapologetic about the sex lives of its characters. Immediately after the soft-serve incident aired, reporters pronounced the exchange "jaw-dropping," "scandalous," and our own "Good Wife" recapper called it the dirtiest thing she’d seen on network television. (Some critics were turned off by the incident, and Kalinda's storyline more generally.) But for all the hyperbole, series bosses Robert and Michelle King merely chuckled when questioned about the polarizing reactions. For them, it was no big deal.

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