10/16/2012 09:30 pm ET Updated Oct 17, 2012

Turquoise Jewelry Sure To Brighten Up Those Dark Winter Days (PHOTOS)

Last year my family took a trip to Santa Fe. My parents always loved visiting the various galleries and art markets in the southwestern city, and the food is to-die-for delicious. Cultural and culinary attractions aside, I was excited to check out the vintage stores. Unlike the picked-over and overly expensive thrift stores here in New York, I was hoping for some unique finds. I was successful and found a shop off the beaten path with a treasure trove of stuff, including a Roberto Cavalli jacket from the '80s. But what really blew me away in Santa Fe was the jewelry. Along the main square native American artisans would sell their wares, including jewelry and textiles. I knew to expect turquoise jewelry, I just didn't realize how absolutely stunning the stones would be. When our very own Anya Strzemien travelled to New Mexico to shoot the United States of Style and came back bedecked in turquoise, I knew it was time to bring out my Santa Fe finds.

The blue-green gem is said to bring good luck. The stones are perfectly imperfect, coming in different misshapen forms often with lines and cracks interrupting the facade, which just makes the pieces that much more unique. When set in shiny silver the deep blue hue pops. We suggest you grab a piece of turquoise jewelry ASAP; it will brighten up your winter days in a snap. A silver cuff with a turquoise stone will make your black turtleneck that much more interesting, turquoise earrings bring out blue eyes and a choker with the blue stones would be a definite conversation starter. Check out our picks in the gallery below and get shopping.


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