10/16/2012 07:30 am ET Updated Feb 12, 2013

TWA Stewardess School, As Seen In Vintage Flight Attendant Shots (PHOTOS)

When we came across these old school photos of flight attendants in the 1960s, we knew we had to share.

Of course, we can never resist a set of photos from the glory days of air travel, as evidenced by our history with the genre. For reference, see: Air New Zealand flight attendants of the 80s, Alitalia flight attendants through the years, a history of flight attendant uniforms, and photos from the golden days of Pan Am.

In this set, the lovely TWA flight attendants (then called stewardesses) hopefuls take on a training program in 1961. We can only hope they all made the cut!

Check out what it was like to become a flight attendant back in the day, as well as some shots of TWA's old flight center at New York's JFK airport.



Vintage TWA