10/18/2012 10:20 am ET Updated Oct 18, 2012

Children's Eyes On Earth Winners: The Best Photographs Taken By Kids Around The World (PHOTOS)

Normally when someone who hasn't hit puberty reaches for a camera we smack their hand away and give them a time out. But after seeing these beautiful photographs from precocious little ones worldwide, we think we'd be better off taking notes.

These are the winning photographs from the Children's Eyes On Earth International Youth Photography Contest, a competition designed to raise environmental awareness while giving budding artists a chance to share their visions with the world. Limited to photographers 17 and younger, the contest asks entrants to portray challenges to the environment in a way that inspires their elders to take action.

The following six photographs were chosen from over 4,000 entries. From a shadowed bird as seen by an 8-year-old in Russia to a floating plastic bag via a 14-year-old in France, the images show an attuned vision that we could all stand to adopt.

See the winning photographs below and click here for more of the selected images. Let us know your favorites in the comments!

Children's Eyes on Earth