10/17/2012 11:19 am ET Updated Dec 17, 2012

Gail Simmons' 10 Best Shops and Sites in Montreal

First we asked Top Chef judge Gail Simmons for her favorite Montreal restaurants. (We have our priorities straight.) Then we got the rest of her favorite things in her beloved college town.

MONTREAL - Even though my husband Jeremy and I met in New York through friends thirteen years ago, it was our mutual love of Montreal that may have first brought us together. After all, Jeremy was born and raised there and I attended McGill University as an undergrad, having grown up in Toronto.

But it's not just Canadian nostalgia that keeps us returning time and again. It's the energy of the city, the quasi-Euro sensibility, and the independent rhythm that we find so alluring. (So many other major metropolitan centers all seem to blend into one.) Oh, and Montreal has an insane amount of good food. Here's my Fathom food tour.

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