10/17/2012 10:10 am ET

Glenn Beck Jeans Use Same 'Progressive' Denim Fabric As Levi's

Glenn Beck's new line of jeans is more "progressive" than the conservative pundit probably intended.

Beck's jeans, sold through his company 1791 Supply & Co., are said to adhere to an Americana standard that Beck believes Levi's has left behind.

However, Beck's jeans are more "progressive" than the right-winger may realize. Business Week's Susan Berfield traces it back to the denim:

Funny thing, though: 1791 uses the same denim mill that Levi’s uses for its own Made in the USA products, most of its vintage collection, and some of its 501 jeans. The company, Cone Denim, has a facility in Greensboro, N.C., called White Oak. Beck addressed the matter on his show, saying of his jeans: “We make them from the same company that Levi’s gave up on.” But Levi’s has been getting some of its denim from Cone since 1915. A spokesperson for Levi’s confirmed this, but declined to comment on 1791 jeans.

The former Fox News host decided to develop his own line of denim after boycotting Levi's, a brand he once loved, when the label launched an advertising campaign "Go Forth" that featured Charles Bukowski’s rebellious poetry and a video Beck felt glorified uprises like Occupy Wall Street, according to ABC News.

“Levi’s wants to be the uniform of the progressive movement,” he said at the time, according to Business Week. “That’s when I took off my Levi’s.”

Beck's jeans are currently available in two cuts -- classic and straight-leg. Each pair retails for $129.99. Beck described the company by saying, “It’s not a business, it’s more like a charity that does business. All the net profits will go to restoring our people, our history, our hometowns and our families.”



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