10/17/2012 05:55 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Harry Styles New Tattoos: One Direction Singer Reaches 24 Pieces Of Body Art (PHOTOS)


Harry Styles just got inked again! Feeling déjà vu? Although the One Direction singer just added a whole slew of new tattoos last month to his growing collection, that didn't stop him from getting a few more. Scroll down for a full photo of the new tattoos.

Fans spotted his newest tattoos as he left Manchester's Key 103 radio station on Tuesday. The designs feature two zig zags, a skeleton of a fish, the sign for 99 pence, and a phrase that begins with the words "I can't but it was hard to see the rest of it." On each arm, he inked the words "Things I can" and "Things I can't."

Harry's other tattoos include stars, a birdcage, comedy and tragedy masks, the letter "A" for his mother, his sister's name in Hebrew. Since he turned 18 -- the minimum age to be tattooed in the UK -- just eight months ago, he's already collected a whopping 24 pieces of ink!

Bandmate Louis Tomlinson also showed off a new piece of ink on his right arm -- a stick figure. He recently revealed that he and Liam Payne just got matching screws on their ankles to match the ones sported by Harry and Zayn. Last weekend, Louis tweeted:

It didn't take much to convince Niall. "Ok I'll give into you! I'll get it done! Jesus! Have ya quite finished? #neglect hahahaha" he tweeted. Thanks to his fear of needles, Niall is the last member of 1D to get inked.

What do you think of harry's new tattoos? Would you get a screw tattoo on your ankle to match the band? Leave a comment below or tweet @HuffPostTeen!

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