10/17/2012 07:53 am ET Updated Oct 18, 2012

'Hillside Stranglers' Profiled On 'Twisted': Kenneth Bianchi Details Abducting One Victim (VIDEO)

A reign of terror that lasted only four months left 15 women and girls dead ranging in ages from 12 to 28, according to Originally dubbed "The Hillside Strangler" by the media, it turned out that two men were committing these heinous crimes. "Twisted" told the story of the killing spree that lasted from late 1977 into early 1978.

Angelo Buono, Jr. and Kenneth Bianchi were charged with abducting, raping and killing their victims after Bianchi was arrested in Washington. He tried to plead insanity, insisting that he had dissociative identity disorder. This slowed down the trial process tremendously, though it was eventually determined that he was faking the condition. Ultimately, both men were sentenced to life in prison, where Buono died in 2002.

The episode featured an eerie recording of Bianchi describing the capture of one of their victims, 28-year-old actress Jane King. In the disturbing audio, they can be heard making their cold-hearted decision to abduct her.

More disturbing and uncomfortable "true crime" stories unfold every week on "Twisted," Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on ID.

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