10/17/2012 03:01 pm ET

Jef Emily Break Up: Jef Holm Helps Teen Invite Date To Homecoming, Splits From Maynard (WATCH)

"The Bachlorette"'s Jef Holm knows a thing or two about how to make a date spectacular. After winning the most recent season of the reality TV show, he decided to pay his luck forward. On Monday, he helped high school student Nick Vinci ask his best friend Francesca Riggione to homecoming.

Francesca is a huge "Bachelorette" fan, so when Holm walked into her classroom, she jumped out of her chair until her teacher reminded her to sit down. The class shrieked as Jef asked all the girls to line up at the front of the room. The reality TV star mimicked the show's infamous rose ceremony.

"It's been a great week of dates, and our bachelor has been really excited to spend time with each one of you," he said. "Unfortunately, only one of you is going to get a rose."

Nick entered the classroom at that point with a red rose and invited Francesca to homecoming. She immediately accepted and hugged Nick and Jef. She later uploaded the above video of the proposal to YouTube. Francesca later tweeted:

"Glad I could help :)," Jef replied.

But according to recent news, Jef's romantic luck may be running out. After weeks of speculation about his relationship with "Bachelorette" fiancée Emily Maynard, the couple confirmed their split to People Mgazine on Tuesday.

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