10/17/2012 01:03 pm ET

Top Latino Voter Issues Raised At The Second Presidential Debate

Top Latino Voter Issues Raised In 2nd Presidential Debate

The second presidential debate Tuesday night was much more lively than the first and touched on more issues of importance to Latino voters. It was the first time during the debates the candidates directly spared over the controversial issue of immigration reform. The topic generated the most activity on Twitter with 109,560 tweets per minute, according to social media columnist Maria Burns Ortiz. Obama and Romney duked it out over education access, energy independence and gun control. Mitt Romney reminded the audience of his Mexican heritage and Obama recalled growing up in a household led by a single parent.

As New American Media points out, there were also some glaring absences at the public forum. For example, no one asked about the drug policies that overcrowd our prisons with nonviolent offenders or how the candidates propose to deal with teacher shortages.

Above we've rounded up the top nine moments for Latino voters we saw during last night's presidential debate. What other moments might impact Latino voters as the Nov. 6 election approaches? Let us know in the comments.