10/17/2012 07:35 am ET

Get Perfect Wine-Stained Lip Color Without Hitting The Bottle (PHOTOS)

Sometimes the best beauty looks are accidental byproducts -- like, the way your cheeks look perfectly flushed after running around on a winter day, or the perfect lip tint you get after a glass of red wine (or two). But before we resort to resort drinking just for a bit of rosiness, we're resurrecting our favorite fall beauty look with the help of lip stains. Similar to the models we saw backstage at Fashion Week shows like Ports 1961 and Marni this fall, the effect is romantic, pretty, but also feels a little more lived-in. It's less precise than perfectly defined lips.

Check out our primer on this effortlessly sexy look, then flip through the gallery below for runway inspiration, as well as a few of our favorite lip stains.

Moisture is key. Since you'll want the final results to look slightly matte, apply a hydrating balm beforehand. It's important to sneak in as much extra moisture as possible to keep lips from drying out.

Layers add intensity. One application will give you a slight, barely-there feel, but to achieve more of an opaque color, continue to layer on until you've achieved the desired hue.

To ensure your color will last, blot for staying power. Press your lips on to a tissue to remove any excess product. Continue to blot until the color begins to lessen, but don't rub it off entirely. This will create the haphazard stain effect.

While liquid stains are great, you don't need that exact blend to get the look. Lipstick, pigmented balm and marker-style stains all work just fine. The trick with all of these, however, is to make sure to temper any extra shine from glossy formulations.

Lip & Cheek Stains

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