10/17/2012 06:29 am ET

'Sons Of Anarchy': Jax Gets Revenge For Opie, Person Behind Home Invasions Revealed (VIDEO)

Jax got his revenge -- to a degree -- on "Sons of Anarchy." Pope remains untouchable, but as a gesture of goodwill, he gave Jax the address of the prison guard who orchestrated the fatal beatdown of Opie. So Jax returned the favor with a snow globe in a scene every bit as disturbing as Opie's demise. He even made the guard beg and apologize before doing him in.

This random guard wasn't the only one to lose his life by the end of the hour. Those home invasions that have been plaguing the Sons reached out and hit the new sheriff, only things went even further. The sheriff's wife was home. Unfortunately, she didn't survive the attack, turning the sheriff's ire fully on the Sons -- he's certain they're the reason for it. He's not as wrong as he might think.

The end of the episode revealed that Clay is the one behind the invasions, with several members of the club backing his play. That was evidenced in a close vote at the table, with Clay and Jax at opposite ends. The old man has been faking the pace of his recovery. He doesn't even need the portable oxygen tank anymore, but he likes how it makes him appear weak, when he's anything but.

As usual, things are escalating and likely headed toward a bloodbath on "Sons of Anarchy," Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on FX.

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