10/17/2012 07:15 am ET Updated Oct 17, 2012

'Tattoo Nightmares': Erika Got Inked By A Guy On Drugs She Met In A Liquor Store (VIDEO)

Getting a tattoo is a big decision because of its permanence. One of the scariest things about getting one can be making sure the artist knows what they're doing. As many beautiful and impressive works of tattoo art there are out there, there are many, many disasters as well. They just aren't seen as often because their owners don't show them. "Tattoo Nightmares" offers those people a way to cover the tattoo up by making it right.

Erika brought in a tattoo that she regretted even while it was being put on. She envisioned an image of the Los Angeles skyline, but what she got was an almost unrecognizable mess that looked like it had been drawn by a child. Erika admitted she'd agreed to get tatted on a whim by a guy she met at the liquor store.

As he was working, she realized his pupils were enormous. He was inking her while on drugs. "I knew I just made the biggest mistake of my life," she lamented.

Big Gus worked on her cover-up for several hours, but in the end she had that LA skyline she'd envisioned. Erika was beyond thrilled, calling his work "amazing."

"Tattoo Nightmares" tries to help people "turn their disasterpieces into masterpieces every" Tuesday at 11 p.m. ET on Spike.

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