10/17/2012 12:29 pm ET

Twitter Reaction To Debate: Post 50s Weigh In On Second Presidential Debate

Ding ding ding! Last night's debate at Hofstra University looked more like a pay-per-view boxing match than the town hall debate for undecided voters it was meant to be.

Maybe President Barack Obama felt he had something to prove after the sour response to his poor performance during the first debate two weeks ago. The POTUS showed an aggression rarely seen is his cool-as-a-cucumber persona, saying "very little of what Governor Romney just said is true," early in the debate and countering the Republican candidate's assertions any chance he got, sometimes over moderator Candy Crowley's protests.

That's not to say Mitt Romney didn't get his licks in either. Romney asked the president why he hadn't kept his election promises, and hammered him on unemployment and immigration and other issues. The candidates rarely went to their own corners (or high bar stools) and ref -- I mean, moderator -- Crowley had to play both fact checker and umpire, sometimes getting caught in the crossfire.

Two polls have named President Obama the debate winner -- albeit narrowly. But what did Post50s have to say on Twitter? Check out our slideshow below.



Post 50s Respond To Second Presidential Debate