10/17/2012 12:29 pm ET Updated Nov 02, 2012

U.S. Presidential Debate: World Reactions

The second presidential debate between President Barack Obama and Republican contender Mitt Romney has triggered a wave of mixed responses around the world.

In Britain, Obama was seen as taking a far more "aggressive" tone than in the first debate, which he was said to have lost by being too passive and failing to engage with his challenger.

Romney raised eyebrows with his “binders full of women” comment. "Why did the phrase resonate? Because it was tone deaf, condescending and out of touch with the actual economic issues that women are so bothered about. The phrase objectified and dehumanized women," the Guardian wrote.

HuffPost Italy, however, said that while Obama was more “lucid” and “presidential” in the 90-minute encounter, Romney managed to “defend himself quite well (or actually counter-attacked decently) on the economy, which remains a key argument to sway the 5% of indecisive voters who would make the difference."

This is while Le Monde in France believed that Obama gained the upper hand by waiting for the last leg of the debate to attack Romney’s “47-percent” fundraiser remarks. The daily reports that it was his smartest move as it left Romney at a loss for words as the debate drew to an end.

HuffPost Canada took a jab at Romney's tax plan, saying that "it seems certain that regardless of who wins the White House, the next President will be looking to Canada not only for energy, but for fiscal advice as well."

According to El Pais, Obama made a much-needed comeback in last night’s debate, which the newspaper described as "intense, brilliant, and one that successfully exposed the two different models defended by both candidates."

The third and final presidential debate is scheduled to take place on Monday, Oct. 22.



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