10/17/2012 09:29 pm ET Updated Oct 17, 2012

Pleated Pants Are Back In The Game, Ladies (PHOTOS)

Pleated pants get a bad rap. Favored by lawyers, golfers and otherwise corporate types, they rarely end up on the best-dressed list. A friend of mine once referred to two lawyers as having "16 pleats between them."

But recently, our beauty editor walked in and changed the whole game. She was wearing a new pair of black, cropped trousers that showcased her cute flats. I was floored and quickly Googled "pleated pants" faster than you can say "credit card limit." Her pleated pants were subtle enough to not scream "I love Lexis-Nexis!" and the slight volume complemented her tiny waist.

The best part? Pleated pants are flattering on most body types. The trick is in choosing high-waisted styles that show off your trim mid-section (that's for you hourglass and pear-shaped gals), and making sure that look for small pleats to add just a little volume around your waist (which is nicely balanced by the cropped hems to show off fancy footwear). Ruler-shaped ladies, enjoy the curves that the pleats add to your lean frame, and consider going for wide-legged styles that play nicely with proportions.

Here, 11 pairs of pleated pants that are definitely not destined for a cubicle near you -- and they're all under $100.

Under $100 Pleated Pants

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