10/18/2012 02:10 pm ET

Bagel Bunchkins: Dunkin' Donuts Looks Poised To Release Bagel Hole Version Of Munchkins

Dunkin' Donuts' 40-year-old Munchkins could soon get a much-younger half-sibling. It has the same sphere of a father -- but a bagel instead of a donut for a mother.

That's right: Dunkin' Donuts looks poised to release a line of bagel holes to go with its hugely successful donut holes. The Boston Globe reports that the breakfast chain has applied for a trademark for a new product tentatively called "Bagel Bunchkins," which will be small, ball-shaped versions of Dunkin's bagels.

There's apparently a chance that the bagel holes won't end up going by the name "Bunchkins." An earlier trademark application for the same name apparently failed. And it's not clear when they'll hit the shelves. But their eventual introduction looks almost inevitable.

If they do make it to market, they won't be totally unprecedented. New York bakery Momofuku Milk Bar sells delicious cream-cheese-stuffed bagel globes under the title "Bagel Bombs." English muffin maker Thomas released a line of Bagel Holes sold in grocery stores a few years back. Dunkin' rival Einstein Bros. Bagels sells bagel bombs covered in toppings like sugar and cream cheese. And Dunkin' Donuts itself already sells spherical, sausage-stuffed bagels in its stores in South Korea.

Still, if the chain manages to acquire the name "Bunchkins," thereby tying the new bagel holes to one of the most iconic breakfast dishes in the country, it'll have a definite leg up on the competition.



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