10/18/2012 01:06 pm ET

Cute Nail Art: Adorable Cupcake Manicure Tutorial! (PHOTOS)

By Arianna Berk

I have a nail art problem. When it comes to manicures, I am of the opinion that the crazier my nails look and the more things that I have glued onto them, the better they are. Nail art is definitely having a moment right now with entire blogs and salons dedicated to and specializing in the trend. Sometimes fashion and trends can feel so serious and that’s what is so refreshing about crazy nail art: it’s all about kitsch and fun. I made these cupcake nails to wear on my birthday. I couldn’t stop staring at my hands and I think I became one of those people who over-gesticulates just because I liked to wave my hands around while I had these nails on. Typing on my phone was a battle, but a small price to pay. You can also try this on your natural nails if you are super ambidextrous! The flat-back pearls I bought on Etsy, or you can use a drop of red polish in their place.

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Cupcake Nail Art Tutorial