10/18/2012 01:39 pm ET Updated Oct 19, 2012

Donald Torr, Landlord, Set Up Spy Cameras To Watch Renters Inside New York Homes: Lawsuit

Most over-involved landlords don't hold a candle to this guy.

Donald Torr, the landlord of a swanky East Hampton, N.Y. summer rental, set up spy cameras throughout the home and caught nine family members -- including three young kids -- in the nude, a $4.6 million lawsuit claims. The New York Post reports that two grandparents, their adult children and three kids were recorded in various states of undress this summer.

An internet-connected drive inside the home saved the videos and then transmitted them straight to Torr, the lawsuit charges.

One of the home's occupants was watching TV over Labor Day weekend when he noticed a camera lens, ABC News reported. The subsequent search unveiled cameras hidden in walls, heating and air condition ducts and electrical outlets. Some were even pointed at guests in the shower and multiple bedrooms, where "bedroom activities" were filmed, according to the lawsuit.

Torr allegedly admitted to viewing the videos, but maintained that he installed the cameras to prevent squatters from breaking into the home.

The property, advertised in a wooded area, went for the price of $6,500 a week in August, the Daily Mail reported.

Prosecutors are investigating the tape and deciding whether to charge Torr.

The family's lawyer, Judd Burstein told the New York Post that the spying "also violates some child-pornography statutes."