10/18/2012 10:19 pm ET

13 Deliciously Warm And Fuzzy Faux Fur Options (PHOTOS)

My grandmother is wise beyond her 87 years. Born and bred in Norway, she didn't think twice when I first complained of the bitterly, cold New York City winters. Without hesitation she told me, "Fur is the warmest. There's nothing like it."

While my granny has a point, we shy away from the real deal, opting instead for the cruelty-free, wallet-friendly faux option. It's just as warm, comes in an array of colors and doesn't need any special storage in the warmer months. After seeing furry jackets, coats, sleeves, skirts (and even shoes!) come down the runways at fashion week, we decided that our wardrobes needed some faux fur ASAP. And after clicking through our roundup of fuzzy options below, we think that you'll agree.

Faux Fur

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