10/18/2012 12:45 pm ET

Introducing the Grub Street Gut-Bust-o-Matic (With a Prize!)

It began with the Double Down: When KFC introduced its fried-chicken-instead-of-bread sandwich and got a ton of attention from incredulous food writers everywhere, it started a trend. Now it's like a game for fast-food chains to see who can come up with the grossest-sounding food. How else to explain the existence of Doritos-wrapped tacos, pizzas with hot-dog-stuffed crusts, and Burger King bacon sundaes? There is probably a network of top-secret labs where fast-food Ph.Ds conduct evil experiments (and, presumably, smoke a lot of weed). But we figure you can randomly mash foods up and come up with something that's at least as good as the Nacho Whopper. Allow us to introduce the Grub Street Gut-Bust-o-Matic.

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